Skittles. Notice the S printed on some of the shells.


Skittles are a sugary, fruit flavored candy around the same size and shape as M&Ms. They consist of a soft center, with a crisp candy shell imprinted with the letter 'S'.Legend has it that if you collect nine of the fabled Orange Skittles and assemble them upon the highest mountaintop, at dawn on the 20th of April a magical Skittledragon will appear. His name is Shenron and he will grant you three wishes if your choosing.

With many colorful varieties, their tagline is "Taste the Rainbow."

The name skittles was coined in 1958 after the founder James Skittles. ....Soryy James...

New ColorsEdit

  • Blue (with Cherry Cola in UK on 2004, Pineapple in USA on 2019 and Coconuts in Russia on 2021)