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Bamba is a salty, peanut butter flavored snack. It is the most popular snack in the country of Israel taking up a whopping %25 of the market.

It is produced by the Osem company, and it has been marketed since 1963 with no decline in sales.

Bamba is made of peanut-butter flavored puffed corn, and contains no sugar, cholesterol, preservatives, or food coloring.

Originally Bamba was, like many other puffed corn snacks around the world, cheese flavored, but it was not very popular.

It was later changed to a peanut butter flavor and sales increased significantly.

Bamba is most prominent in Israel, but can be found in other countries as well, especially in stores that sell many foods from Israel, and jewish neighbourhoods.

Bamba also come sin several different varieties:

-Bamba (Regular, peanut butter flavored corn puffs)

-Red Bamba (Officialy called "Sweet Bamba") - Strawberry flavored corn puffs

-Nougat Filled Bamba (Peanut butter corn puffs with nougat cream filling, which were originally meant as a limited editionf or Israel's 50th anniversary, but later stayed in production due to high popularity)

-Halva filled Bamba (Peanut butter corn puffs with Halva filling)

There were also attempts at other products, such as Bamba breakfast cereal, which were less successful.